The Sleeping Volcano

“F*ck!” I shout at the top of my voice as I punched the cupboard with my closed fist. Adrenaline rushes through my body as my mind says “stop this rage! stop this rage! The others are not going to like what they see… you are not like this! You are normally the picture of calm, or tolerance. You are the cheerful one, the one that people know doesn’t get mad… the one that people turn to when things get mad!”

But my mind also says, at the very same time, “I have already started off on a rage. Stopping now wouldn’t help the situation. In fact, stopping now might put you in a bad light and not put the point across to these people that you cannot stand their behaviour. Since these people probably already know that you can lose your temper, you might as well go the whole way and make sure this situation doesn’t repeat itself.”

Have you experienced similar situations? When your mind cannot stop your own actions?

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