The Toilet Adventure

I frequently think that good people simply cannot exist. Then just about everytime I think that, people take me by surprise. The following is something that just happened. No, it’s not a “woah, unbelievable!” story, but I belive it’s worth mentioning.

There’s a toilet near to my office, entrance fee is 10 cents. You pay to the person who cleans the toilets, who can normally be found sitting on a table set-up not far from the entrance(s). People who frequent this toilet know that it’s not really pay per entry, but more of pay whenever you feel like it, even if it’s never. It sorts of a play-on-your-conscience thing. You don’t pay, no biggy, you just rot in hell when you die.

When I just started working here, I didn’t pay a single cent for days. Then I started feeling bad. So I decided I’d pay 10 cents once, and not pay anymore the rest of the day (like a concession pass). My conscience was happy with me for a while, when I realised the mess people made in the toilets were really bad. Not sure about female toilets, but puddles of piss can be frequently found in male toilets, and more often than not it’d be accompanied by heaps of poo.

They deserve more than that! If people paid me 10 bucks I wouldn’t do their work. And here I am, scrimping on a few cents!

So now I pay 20 cents per day (not much, but it adds up), been my usual fare for a while now. I average two trips to this toilet per day, so 20 cent’s fair. I pay after lunch, when I have loose change.

Today there was a new guy at the table. Never seen him before, big, burly indian man. He looked indifferent, and couldn’t care less if people paid or not. He made some noise as I approached the table, probably thinking I was going to be one of those who won’t pay. I put down 20 cents, as I normally do, and proceeded into the toilet.

I decided to go get myself a drink, so I exited by another way. Came back about 5 minutes later (toilet’s on the way to the office), and as I walked past the payment table he shouts out to me and says, “Boy! You just now give me 20 cents!” with a big smile on his face. He then passes me back my 10 cents.

I was thinking of giving it back but decided against it. I didn’t think he’d understand what a strange rule I had for going to the toilet…

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