Cheryl Fox, An Influence?

I used to love watching Channel News Asia.

I first started watching it during the June school holidays a few years back. At that time, I didn’t choose to watch it; it just was the only thing I could watch at the time I woke up, which was about 6 or 7 a.m.

Cartoons (something I watch all the time) didn’t start till pretty late, about 9 a.m., and so it was either Channel News Asia or other news/variety programs in Mandarin or Malay. I typically speak only English, so I tuned in to Channel News Asia. I watched it as it evolved, from absolutely soporific to passable to reasonably good. I grew to like it; and when Cheryl Fox was first introduced into the morning prime time, I rejoiced.

She was attractive, and spoke well. I thus enjoyed watching Channel News Asia (and especially her) every morning.

I was taught, growing up, that watching the News was a good habit. I used to be so proud of the few times I watched the News back in primary and early secondary school (back when it was “time — by Raymond Weil, 7 PM”), as I would normally not be able to sit through the News and still stay awake. I was told that it was good to keep up with the affairs of the world.

And thus, I watched Channel News Asia as often as I could, which turned out to be everyday. I was spending 3 hours a day with Cheryl Fox speaking the news — my girlfriend (if I had one at that time) would have been jealous.

Now, whenever I attempt to read something aloud, I visuallise myself as her, speaking! and I actually do speak like her! horrors upon horrors! I even visualise the little quirks she makes when speaking, like the slight tilts of her head, or the tone of voice!

Watch out for whom (or what) you watch often…that person (or thing) might just influence your mannerisms without you even knowing it!

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  1. Just a little update: Cheryl Fox was recently posted to announce the 9.30 PM news on channel 5. I believe that this was to a strategic move by channel 5 to bolster its reputation — channel i has been receiving accolades for their own news program, leaving channel 5 in the dust.

    Will Cheryl Fox manage to pull them up? Only time will tell.

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