Falling in love…and maturing?

I have had infatuations/crushes on many girls since a long time ago. It might also be called the act of falling in love. Now, looking back on those times, I am suddenly ashamed of those times. They seem so illogical…

A few years ago I was totally smitten by a beautiful girl I didn’t really know. I searched through the internet looking for things I could say to this girl, and I came across a site full of poems, some by famous poets, and others submitted by visitors to the site.

So anyway, I looked through the “Love Poems” section. I came across a submitted poem, that went along the lines of “I’ll drink your bath water…” I loved it, but somehow many others thought it was disgusting. I didn’t know why. Now looking back, it does seem a little disgusting. In fact, I would find it disgusting and distasteful (pun intended!)

Ahh, but falling in love is such a very nice feeling! I want those times back!

So have I matured, or have I just lost the fun of youth?

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