A Dream of Death

I just woke up from a dream… a nightmare really, as I was shot to death. I don’t remember clearly who I was with actually, the only person I remember from my dream was my sister, who was alive when I was shot.

The earlier part of the dream went by reasonably low-key… I remember nothing of it except that there seemed to be many people inside. The first incident I rememember was that I was in some room upstairs (it was at least double story, seemed something like a hybrid of my house and some show-house I had visited before). In that room I saw a doll in a melting pot (arguably a pan, it was not very deep); I remember knowing what happened to it (why it was there etc.), though I can’t seem to recall it now.

I touched the dolls head, and a little bit of it came off on my hand, apparently it already had a liquid texture due to the heat. Just then some guy (or girl) came up the stairs and shot the doll with a gun, to my understanding it was a sub-machine gun, something I had seen in the movie, The Matrix.

I ran down with my sis (at least I think it was her), while the madman (or woman) chased us downstairs. When I reached downstairs, that person was right behind me, and I turned around to face the wall, I didn’t dare see him/her. My back turned, he shot me, and said something to the effect that I am a coward because I didn’t dare look at him/her. I prayed to God before I went, and was hoping for a qiuck demise, which didn’t really happen, as I lay pained on the ground for a little longer than a while.

I woke up as I died, and suddenly I realised I was living in bonus time. I should be dead right now…

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