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The Cloths of Heaven

One of my best friends got married over the weekend. The first of my close friends whose wedding I attended, and it might be a little unmanly to say it but I was actually quite moved by it. Last night, as I was reading through the compendium of beautiful poems […]


I used to look up to the stars with a quiet mind and a quiet heart, thinking but not thinking; wondering but not wondering. It’d always amaze me how quickly the stars moved if I tracked them against something close by, like the tree outside that partially blocked my view. […]


It’s funny how life feels so different; how life can appear so different. Depending on whether it’s The Public Face; The Private Face; or The Face that Nobody Sees but Ourselves. This latter face nobody understands. Even those closest to us, who understand us in ways the outside world never […]


Sitting on the swing, relaxing after a heavy dinner, Looking at stars I used to know more intimately, I reminisced about times that seemed so recent but Were (five, six, seven… no) fourteen years ago — Half a lifetime away. I used to watch the stars as they crawled across […]

Masks: A poem by Shel Silverstein

I came across a beautiful poem by Shel Silverstein called “Masks”, that reminded me of how we can sometimes go through our whole lives pretending to be someone else, hoping to find like-minded souls but afraid to reveal our true selves.   She had blue skin, And so did he. […]

The Radio

I was feeling down so I went to the shops And got myself a radio. It was on sale. –No returns. –No refunds. No problem. I brought it home and turned it on. It made me happy. My mind was busy with its mindless chatter. –No thoughts. –No feelings. No […]


Life is like a rubber ball God drops from high above. From the heights of Eden We fall to the depths of Hell Where we refuse to linger. We bounce. And fly towards a momentary stasis Where Heaven and Earth collide, Before we are forced to drop once more. Up. […]


My creativity has died. Seriously. I can’t think of new things to say or do. And with the end of my creativity comes a feeling of naught. A feeling that screams silence. A feeling of a nothingness like a heavy fog that’s not quite there but everywhere. I can’t remember […]