I used to look up to the stars with a quiet mind and a quiet heart, thinking but not thinking; wondering but not wondering. It'd always amaze me how quickly the stars moved if I tracked them against something close by, like the tree outside that partially blocked my view. Without the tree as a... Continue Reading →


It's funny how life feels so different; how life can appear so different. Depending on whether it's The Public Face; The Private Face; or The Face that Nobody Sees but Ourselves. This latter face nobody understands. Even those closest to us, who understand us in ways the outside world never would, never would. Only we... Continue Reading →


Sitting on the swing, relaxing after a heavy dinner, Looking at stars I used to know more intimately, I reminisced about times that seemed so recent but Were (five, six, seven... no) fourteen years ago -- Half a lifetime away. I used to watch the stars as they crawled across The sky on restless nights... Continue Reading →

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