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Different, with a better story

I’m currently watching The Voice of China. On that show, there’s this singer called Perhat. He’s, in the words of his fans, an “Uyghur Rock Star”. I’m not really a fan. But that’s just me. Many, many others think he’s the next Bob Dylan. There is something about him. He’s […]

I’m so going to Iceland

I remember when I was younger watching a Bjork music video, in which I vaguely recall images of, among other things, volcanoes, large barren landscapes, as well as lots of snow and ice. I remember thinking how beautiful it all was, and how surreal. And I remember thinking, I wish […]

How do you tell?

I was just wondering… how do you tell if a girl’s interested in you? does she look at you funny? does she pretend to be looking for others when she’s really looking for you? does she even act any differently at all? Thinking that introspection might lead me somewhere, I […]

Waltz for Koop

I really should be sleeping now. I had just finished listening to the entire album Waltz for Koop (by Koop), when I thought I’d end the night by listening to Damien Rice‘s The Blower’s Daughter. But it seems iTunes had other plans — I had forgotten to uncheck the Waltz […]