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Building a Vocabulary

I just found a new favourite pastime: playing the Challenge. A great example of gamification, it makes learning new words engaging and actually quite fun. I do wonder if such a similar thing exists for Chinese/Mandarin.

What Courage Is

Was on one of my regular runs today when the words “courage is not acting in the absence of fear, but in spite of it” suddenly came to mind and never left. Can’t quite remember where exactly I read it or heard it, but those words have always comforted me […]

On Analysing Big Data and Storytelling

There’s a neat post on analysing big data and storytelling on an HBR blog worth checking out. From the post: Data scientists want to believe that data has all the answer. But the most important part of our job is qualitative: asking questions, creating directives from our data, and telling […]

How to read library books

There are 14 library books on my table staring back at me as I write this. Six borrowed on my card (maxed). Six borrowed on my dad’s card, which I have permanently borrowed (also maxed). And two on the wife’s card (not maxed, but soon to be). As the wife […]

In defence of “It Depends” (vs. “Maybe”)

“It depends” is one of those really important concepts that not many people use. Perhaps because it lives in the uncomfortable, ambiguous territory between “yes” and “no”. Sure, “maybe”, too, lives in this ambiguous territory. But “maybe” doesn’t commit to saying that ultimately a proper answer exists. “It depends” does. […]

How to be a perfect speller

To be a perfect speller, follow these two rules: Be careful and double check — Don’t be complacent. If you have even the inkling of doubt that what you’ve just typed or wrote is wrong, don’t risk it. Find out. Use a search engine — In general it’s faster than using […]