Decision Fatigue

Currently reading the book Triggers and came across a chapter that reminding me of something I’ve experienced all the time but didn’t quite know the name of: decision fatigue.

What it is: you make decisions or have a rough day (e.g. working on that tough project; smiling when you don’t really want to), and you’re depleted and have no more energy to make good decisions, including that of not snapping at everyone you meet, including family.

How to solve: Reduce decision making as much as possible by automating decisions through the use of structure. Wear the same thing every day (or prepare the night before when the stakes are low); drink the same drink; have routines (sleep time; eat time; workout time).

Sure, variety’s the spice of life. But not when it comes at the expense of being a prick to folks you love. So choose wisely what decisions you want to make each day.

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