My 2011 Personality

Over the years I’ve pretty regularly written about the results of the personality tests I take. The majority of the tests I take tend to be that of the MBTI-type, which I find one of the most insightful personality tests, as well as one where the results I find are generally accurate.

For 2011 I’ve taken the MBTI tests again, on a couple of free websites offering the tests, as well as consulting the books I purchase just for this personality-finding purpose (FYI they’re “Please Understand Me II” and “Gifts Differing”).

And yet again, fortunately or unfortunately, I’ve gotten the two results I’ve tended to get these later years: INFJ and INTJ.

But wait, there’s more! This year, through those two books mentioned above and some consultation with Lix, it seems that I could well add INXP to the list. Lix says that I’m more of a “Perceiver” (therefore the “P”) than a “Judger” (therefore the “J”).

“Perceivers” tend to take things as they come, and are more improvisers than planners. “Judgers” on the other hand, tend to plan things in advance. I’d always thought of myself as the latter, as I’ve tended to set goals and live by deadlines I set myself.

But I can see where Lix is getting at. In many of the activities I have with her, I’m always the unplanned one, and am probably more the “perceiver” in the relationship. Too many a time I’ve gone through an anniversary or birthday or some other “special event” (including Valentines which I’d rather not celebrate) by just winging it… so maybe I am sort of a perceiver after all.

Or maybe she was just using this to tell me something?

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