Putting my IT knowledge to better use?

I was just recalling how Zixuan told me how lucky I was that I had all the knowledge necessary to carry out a web-based business, something plenty of people wish they had but hadn’t (including him). When he first mentioned it to me, I simply agreed but didn’t think much into it — plenty of people have some sort of talent they don’t make full use of, and I just happen to be one of them.

But lately, for some reason or other, I’ve been feeling that having all this knowledge just rotting away was particularly sinful. Other than doing websites, I had plenty of other IT-related expertise I could share, like VBA/PHP programming, information management (if you’ve got data you need to store and retrieve, I’ll teach you how best to do it), and non-IT-related expertise like copywriting or copyediting that I could share.

Other than doing freelance work, which I’m already doing, could I not use my expertise to help non-profits and charitable organisations? Of course I could.

So this is an appeal to all out there: if you know of any non-profit or charitable organisation that requires any of my above-mentioned expertise, please let me know. I’ll be glad to see if and how I can help.

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