The Convocation Trip

Last week I was back in Perth for my convocation, along with the fiancee and our families. I had wanted to write about it earlier, but I kept putting it off. I suppose I just wanted to make sure that this post was written as excellently as the experience I had in Perth, and it was an excellent experience.

I didn’t think I’d have had as much as fun as I did.

Thank you all, all my dear friends, for making it possible. Thank you for welcoming me back so warmly — it felt as if I hadn’t left Perth at all.

And thank you my lovely fiancée for organising everything, you did a remarkable job.

My apologies to those who didn’t appear in the photographs below: Christie & Esther, David, and Joyce (and whoever else was at the surprise birthday party for Arthur — who ironically was the only one unavailable that day); Han and Amanda, Bruce & his girlfriend Joyce (not the same Joyce as the Joyce above); George (of the jungle) and of course all the supportive parents and relatives. I will add your photos up when (or if) I receive them. Thanks again, for a wonderful trip.

Update: I’ve managed to put in more of you guys here!

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  1. hey just realised… the photo outside the ice creamery, kinda looks like you have something on your head 🙂 lol how’s life back in singapore… I was trying to avoid studying (again) so opening random blogs to read… *sigh* I hate uni 😦

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