Something’s Wrong

I wonder if I’m making things more complicated than they are, over-thinking issues that really aren’t anything at all. I do get these things right sometimes: my intuition to negative vibes are generally good. But though I do get that something is wrong, I often do not know what exactly it is.

Sometimes I think that maybe I’m just oversensitive to “cues” that are not really cues. When the physical world seems to back up the rather pessimistic mental world, the pessimism grows, i.e. when I think that something’s wrong, and I see something wrong, I tend to believe even more strongly in there being something wrong.

Problem is, I don’t know what.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. Intuitively, you know that there’s something just not right about the “situation” that I’m in. But most of time I can hardly even begin to describe what it/they really are. Sometimes though, I get “lucky” and I suddenly realize what it was only some hours or minutes later. Sigh.

    Just maybe, as a person experiences more of life, someday he/she will be able to tell exactly what that vibe is almost right after it was felt. 🙂

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