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Road Trip: Swan Valley

The study break (is it “break from” or “break for” study?) is nearly over. Today’s Friday, though it feels like it ought to be Wednesday.

Just before the break, I had two mid-semesters tests. I told myself that if I did reasonably well for both of them, I’d take it as a second-chance God (or fate or their equivalent) had given me, and I’d work especially hard during the break to catch-up.

I did (very) well for both these tests; definitely much better than I had expected. So during this study break, I did some reading up on my work, making good on my promise to myself. It has been a tad less than I’d have hoped, but I’ll take it as a start.

10 more weeks till the end-of-semester exams, so there’s (hopefully still plenty of) time for me to accelerate my studying as I approach it.

Road Trip to Swan Valley

One of the highlights of this study break has definitely been the road trip to Swan Valley on Tuesday. There were four of us on this road trip: me (passive passenger), Wei Hao (navigator #2) , Lishya (navigator #1), and the 17 turning 18-year-old driver, Josephine.

A pity Han and Athena couldn’t make it, but there’ll be plenty more opportunities! I’m hoping that the next road trip I go on I’ll be the driver, ha!

Pictures from the Trip

First stop, some winery I do not know the name of (haha):

Then onto the Mondo Nougat (a nougat factory):

Then to some other winery:

We also visited a chocolate factory:

At one point we got a little lost, looking for a place that didn’t exist anymore. And we saw a horse:

Some place near the Indian Ocean (just before reaching Josephine’s house where we had a wonderful, wonderful dinner):

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