Not in Love

I saw you standing in the hallway.
Looking all sexy and all that.
You were new here.
We went out and talked.
I really liked you.
I think you liked me too.
Afterwards, back in my room, I felt a pain
Somewhere between my stomach and heart.
“I must have fallen in love,” I thought.

It was late, so I went to bed.
Twisted and turned.
I couldn’t sleep.
The pain inside made me want to scream.
I kept thinking of you.
“I love you,” was all I could think about.
I wrote you a love poem.
Put it in an envelope.
Took it and went to your door.

As I was sliding it under,
My stomach growled.
I picked up the envelope.
Walked back to my room.
And had a snack.
The pain disappeared.
“Hey, hey,” thought I,
It turns out I was just hungry.

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