In Australia

Just a quick note to say that I’m now in Perth, Australia. I’m residing in Currie Hall, a hostel just off campus.

I hate being the new kid on the block: periods of adaptation have always been looked upon by me with trepidation. Of course, I know it’s the inevitable, but that doesn’t make it any easier to accept.

Murderous Intent

I’ve made some friends in and around the hostel over the few days I’ve been here. They’re all Singaporean males, save for one who’s female and Malaysian.

After examine their faces a bit, I can safely say that all of them have the faces of potential murderers. One seems passive-aggressive, one plain aggressive, and one so cunningly quiet as to make me suspect he was dumb; as for the girl, is not the female of the species more deadly than the male?

And then there’s Martin, my roommate. Let’s just say that history teaches us that roommates are not exactly safe from murderous intent.

Hostel Rooms

I’ve got a couple of pictures of my hostel room for you to see for yourself:

Room #2 Room #1

It’s two standard rooms connected by a door (which cannot be locked). The one I’m sleeping in is the one in which the camera is taking the photographs from.

Running Area

Here’s a map of Kings Park, which is my main running area and situated right behind my hostel (fantastic!) I’ve tried running there only once so far, but I’m hooked. The image next to the map is a photograph of a section of a typical running route in Kings Park.

Kings Park Kings Park path

I tried walking to the city using this route yesterday, and after taking one shortcut too many (“Bushland”, the brochure says, “is not signposted. Keep to designated paths…”), got hopelessly lost.

After going on one trail after another, using my natural instinct of going against instinct (“take the path going left,” says instinct, so I take the right), I managed to find my way back —

And thank god for that. Don’t want Martin taking my stuff after I’m dead, no?

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