Chapter 5: The Call

Really falling back. But I’m optimistic about the last leg, so I won’t be too worried yet. Shall let the story get a feel in my mind, as I’m currently a little lost as to where it should go… Current word count stands at 5074.

Ro expected Dres to call that night. She really wanted him to call, as images of their date replayed in her mind over and over, quite unlike anything had before. She wished it would stop, but knew it was too late: she was in love.

Still, she tried to will herself to believe that she didn’t love him. She wasn’t prepared to fall in love this quick, and knew that relationships that happened so quickly often disappeared just as quickly. She felt that this was almost too easy, too coincidental, so much so that it probably wasn’t worth anything. She decided that when he called, as she was sure he would, she would sound apathetic and reluctant, and refuse to show her adoration of him.

Dresden though, had other plans. He knew about “easy come, easy go”, and was determined not to let such a thing happened. He meditated on this that night. He wanted to call, but calling would have been too easy. He didn’t want things to come about too quickly, for the mystery would soon be lost. Yet, he didn’t want to let it wait too long, for the passion that was inherent in such serendipitous occurrences, he knew, wouldn’t last long either. He had to play the waiting game, and the catching game, not unlike the sport of fishing, where one has to play with tension and release, tension and release.

Dresden did feel bad about not calling. He had quite expected Ro to feel bad too, but he knew this was for the best. The time spent not talking to each other was time spent thinking about each other, and it is in the imagination that the biggest dreams are formed, and he played this to his advantage.

The next day, he felt that he wanted to wait again, just to let the time when he called be an even greater event. He wanted to play his cards just right, and decided that he would call “soon.”

The day after that, he had a bad day, and wanted to call Ro to talk about it, but knew that calling to talk about these types of things was a sure put-off, and decided to postpone his call a little longer.

After these few days of not calling her had passed, he realised that he was a little embarrassed to call her. He felt bad, and guilty, and didn’t dare call her. He had hoped that she would call him instead, and felt that if she was interested in him in any way, she would have called him already. Since she hadn’t called, she wasn’t interested. He was very saddened by this.

He never called.

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