Looking Different?

Woah, I hear you say. What gives?

I’ve changed my site hosts officially. Managed to port most of my things without any major hiccups, so the posts and their comments are still there. Only thing now are the images and files.

I’ll have a little more time these next few weeks, due to the amount of leave that I have to clear before my release from the army, so I’ll probably be doing up this website to get it up (and above) its former glory.

I know some people may still have issues regarding some of my older posts, and the navigation now seems a little different (okay, very different), but life changes, get on with it, ha.

Thankfully, this isn’t a commercial site with huge tradition, nor thousands of followers, so I don’t expect any big hoo-haa over this rather unplanned-for extreme makeover. It’d be changing over the next few weeks, to something I created; I can’t live with myself if I had to use this “standard” template… I guess it’s the Mac-mentality isn’t it?

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