To Strive and Appreciate

I figured that if anything, appreciating what you have is infinitely more important than seeking new ground, new things, new mental and physical territory. What good is living up to one’s potential if one is not satisfied with it?

Sure, the constant striving may expand one’s horizon, making one go beyond his or her pre-conceived limitations. But does being better in any way mean anything, if one is never satisfied with whatever one gets?

There’s always going to be someone, somewhere, better than one in some way. When is one ever good enough? When does one say, “okay, this is it, I’ve attained what I’ve sought”?

Why do we bother to sow the best seeds when the fruits of one’s labour constantly grows bigger and bigger, but never ripens?

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  1. That’s what I’m wondering myself…is it a good sign that you’re constantly striving to make yourself a better person, or sad because it can be taken to mean that you’re not satisfied with who you are?

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