An Ode to the Ellipsis…

Oh ellipsis, ellipsis…
How beautiful you are!
Three little dots that
Stretches so far!

A pause…
A continuation…
A censor…
An omission…

You do it all,
My beautiful Ellipsis.
You sometimes even
Replace the f…ing asterisk!

Three simple dots can lead the imagination
to places words can never reach.
You make lessons possible
for children that adults can never teach.

Children want to know what f…ing means,
And so they ask their parents.
Yet parents when asked,
Turn away in fear…

But add a little context in a newspaper story,
Omit some letters with you,
And the meaning of f…ing
becomes quite clear…

You can be used to signal a beginning,
As in Once upon a time…
Or used as a signal to an end,
As in And so he shot the mime…

Whatever you do, dear, dear ellipsis,
You make life so much easier…
For writers all over the world,
Ellipsis you are a dear life-saver…

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