The Mind of a Child Molester

I came across an article called The Mind of a Child Molester on today. It is an article based on letters he (the child molester) wrote to Hammel-Zabin, a music therapist at New York University.

It is strange how introspective and sound-of-mind he seems in his writings, which can make one wonder what “being normal” really is.

Below is an excerpt from that article. What I found most interesting was the last sentence, If nothing else, I am glad that I am tightly confined behind iron bars.

He knows what he did was wrong. But if he was put in the same position once more, he would do it again.

Let me reiterate: he wishes he didn’t want to do it.

It is the same for the millions of overweight people out there. But instead of lust, it is gluttony that is their sin.

When one gives in to these desires, in what way is Man different from animal?

Most of the guys in prison would enjoy nothing more than having the opportunity to get back out into the world, if only briefly. The world remains for me one that I simply can’t handle. As they were taking me from the transport van into the hospital for medical testing I had to walk past a 12-year-old boy. All of the old feelings came crashing down. I felt as if this kid were a magnet pulling me toward him. If nothing else, I am glad that I am tightly confined behind iron bars.

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