Going With the Flow

Yesterday was the graduation parade — I am now officially a third sergeant. Somehow though, it doesn’t feel quite that different. It feels like going from first grade to second — you expect it so much, that it becomes a natural progression.

You don’t work hard to achieve it, you just follow through and go with the flow. A river is created not because drops of water that fall from the sky say, “yes, this is it; I am going to create a river”; it is created naturally as water droplets fall.

I wish though, that it were more special. Eight months ago I wouldn’t have dreamt of getting my sergeant rank. Now that I am going to get it though, the feeling’s as flat as stale beer.

Come to think of it, the whole of life feels quite flat. Perhaps my goals have been a little low? On hindsight, my whole life feels like it ought to have occurred as it has. I worked hard at nothing in particular, just working hard, just moving: fowards or backwards, left or right, I don’t know.


Currently listening to the music of this group called S.E.N.S. Feeling very peaceful. Ever heard of them? Their music is intrumental/new age stuff. Similar to another group called Secret Garden (who have created some of the greatest, most magical compositions and melodies).

S.E.N.S was recommended to me by a friend, an acquaintance. Trained with him in the army for ten weeks. Haven’t seen him for eleven. In a way, I have forgotten him already. Sure, I have his phone number various other contact information, but what does that matter?

Time passes, lives change. The focus shifts from one person to the next. Best friend today, strangers tomorrow. That’s just the way it is. Hmm.

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