She’s So Fat

I do not like being critical about people. I do not like talking behind people’s back. But I think this deserves some mention.


Yesterday I attended some dinner/orientation thing organised by SISPEC (School of Infantry Specialists). Some of us brought our girlfriends (if we had one and had the inclination to do so).

The Girls

I — not having been romantically linked to anyone for the past year or so — was happy for the eye-candy this girlfriends-allowed rule provided. Some of the girls were really tall (almost as tall as me), some were rich in the frontal assets department, while some were of distinctly average quality.

After a while, the novelty of having girls to look at wore off (in the Singapore army, girls are always a novelty), and I was more concerned as to when this event was going to end.

Sitting around, my mind was brought back to the issue of girlfriends again when my friends starting discussing about one in particular (being the strong, silent type, I stayed out of the discussion :)).

She’s So Fat (And Ugly)

First of, one should note that the this girlfriend was the girlfriend of a guy my friends do not particularly like… (but still…)

The discussion went along the lines of how “fat” and “ugly” this girl was. “Why didn’t he pick a better girl?”

I wish I hadn’t heard all that.

I think the worst things that one can hear are bad things said by people you like, about people you like.

To me, looks do matter. But strike me down if I had never considered a relationship with fat, ugly girls who had hearts of gold, or personalities that make the darkest days bright again.

But if I did, I’d strongly consider before allowing these very “friends” to see her.

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