Tough Times Don’t Last

Tough times don’t last, tough men do.

The saying’s supposed to make people who are suffering feel better.

Can I, however, opt to be a weak man and not go through the tough times?

How I wish I wouldn’t be given “opportunities to grow” — to go through no resistance at all, to enjoy life all the time without having any setbacks or tough times.

Give me an easy life any time; I do not wish to be any better than I am right now.

Give the pain to those seeking “opportunities to grow”, and leave me alone…

But it seems we’re all forced to grow as people, whether or not we want to or not.

3 thoughts on “Tough Times Don’t Last

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  1. I totally agree with you. I would too love to have that option right now!

    But thats coz maybe i am not in that high spirits now. I guess if we are to face problems in life then why not face them with a smile on our faces and give it our best shot. Why not just kill off the problem with a fiery approach in which we totally forget that it was a problem and just make getting over it the goal of that period.. Why should we give in to them or think of running away from them if we are eventually supposed to face them?

  2. Well is it really possible to be left alone. I agree with what one of the commenter “Vinayak” has stated. Each tough time is like an opportunity to increase strenght. Imagine how fast one can run in normal circumstances and imagine what would be the speed when a roaring lion is after the same person. It is not the person, but the circumstances which make the person perform in a particular manner. Meaning potential is there but person simply cannot exploit it till he faces an equally powerful circumstance (and in most cases, negetive circumstances help).

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