Making Mistakes

I was told, “If you never make mistakes you don’t learn much.”

If I never made mistakes, what’d I have to learn? Is learning really an end in itself? I learn so I don’t make mistakes.

The journey, not the destination

I have read in quite a number of places (especially often religious-oriented or self-help books,) that we should “take note of the journey, not the destination”.

However, thinking this way, the journey becomes the destination, which defeats the purpose. You’d be wondering to yourself all the time, “so this is the journey they’ve been talking about. So what now?”

Would it not be better to take note of the destination, get so focused you really hate life when you can’t get there, then suddenly realise you have the “admiring the journey” to fall back on?

The absurdity

Ever wondered about the absurdity of crossing the street? All these people driving around in metal boxes: “where are they going?!” Everyone going in different directions, each with their own agenda.

Start fast-forwarding time. While looking into these people’s cars, you wonder how many of them will still be alive in ten year’s time. How many of them won’t own the same car. In a hundred years time, these people will probably be dead. And so will you. And the absurdity of people rushing to nowhere starts to hit you.

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