Make your wish come true!

This worked for me, not sure if it will work for you. Before I knew it, the girl of my dreams called me and confessed her love to me! It was unbelievable.

Before reading on, think of someone you wish was your boyfriend or girlfriend, or someone you love very much. Mention his or her name silently to yourself 20 times while closing your eyes, patting your right leg with your left hand once for every time you mention it.

Next visualise you and the person you love, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. This activates your sub-conscious mind (trust me, it worked for me), and even though you don’t know it, you’ve tapped into the universal mind, calling forth powers you never knew existed to bring you both closer together.

Now mention his or her name again 20 times, but this time aloud, quietly if you are afraid someone beside you might hear.

After you have done that, read on.

Now I shall interupt this for a while for my blog entry. But do not worry, for the answer to your prayers will come at the end. DO NOT skip reading anything, if not it will not work!

Have faith — Christians and Jews don’t need proof to know God exists, nor do Muslims demand scientific reasons to believe Allah will be there for them. Similarly, neither do atheists need scientific proof disproving God to not believe, so why should you need proof that this works or doesn’t work? So, be good, and read till the end… EVERYTHING.

You may thing it has nothing to do with what fulfilling your wish, but it does, have faith. Peace.

Four annoying things to do if you’re bored

1. Frame somebody by going around commenting nastily on blogs, leaving somebody you know’s website and e-mail address and their name. The owner of the blog and the framed subject wouldn’t know what hit them! Cruel, yes, but a great idea, no doubt. PS: Works best when your target him or herself has a blog allowing comments — it’d be fun to watch the exchange!

2. Fake porn creation is pretty good too. Too many a time have I gone to sites promising bikini models sans bikinis, only to be disappointed. Or better yet, super-impose male heads on nude female bodies — this has been known to keep perverts off porn for ages. I also read somewhere (not my idea, so no credit to me) of putting up a porn site only to show images of people carrying “You Perv!” signs.

3. Create an image that when zipped (compressed) averages to about 21kb. Before sending any e-mail, attach the zipped image. You might also want to use some of these very famous subject lines: “Hi!”, “Important Document”, or “Cool Screensaver”. Of course, do not do this with mission-critical work, last thing you’d want is to have your professor or boss accidentally delete your work and having to apologise to you for thinking it was a virus… wait, isn’t that a cool thing? 🙂

Before I get to the last one, remember your love? You know, the one whom you wish would love you forever? The one you were thinking about before you reached this list? Now think of him or her again (this is important!). Mention his or her name five times this time. Imagine both of you just relaxing by a beach — the sun is setting, there’s no one else around. When you’re done, read on.

4. Start a chain letter, especially one that doesn’t look like one, and which the reader doesn’t know it’s one, until he or she gets to the very end, where it says, “if you pass this on to at least 1,000 people, your wish will come true; otherwise, you will die and rot in hell”.

Remember your love?

Just by reading so far, I can tell you really love that special someone, and you want that special someone to love you too. Your persistence shows, and I applaud that. To aid you along in your quest, send the link of this page to at least 5 people, preferably one of them being the one you love, or closely connected to the one you love. Do this, and let the power of the subconscious mind take over. Both of you will have something shared between you, that is, this — magical, if you believe — page.

I thank you for reading. And may your wishes come true, and your love, love you.

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