Appearances Do Matter

This has always bothered me. What is it about appearances? Can the appearance of a man dictate how he is judged?

I thought it was just me, seeing how the world seems to codemn the superficiality of looks, I naturally assumed that everyone else was not like me. I thought nobody would actually be swayed by how a person looks, especially when it didn’t matter.

But apparantly there are a lot of people like me, most in fact. We can tell ourselves we don’t care for looks. But it cannot be denied… looks do play a part in how one judges others, and how one is judged.

There was research on this, whereby thousands of people took part in an experiment as jurors (this was in the United States). These people went in, the results of the cases were taken, tabulated, and the results were astonishing.

These people were first asked if they thought if looks would play the part in a jury decision, and most said no. The results were basically like this: those who “looked like a criminal”, were more likely to be found guilty, those who “appeared handsome and heroic” were less likely. The increase in the frequency of the former being declared guilty was 30 to 45 percent higher than the latter.

There have been more studies on this, some also on similar court trials, all have come up with similar findings. Looks do matter. If you look overly pretty, you look academically stupid; and if you have a high forehead and wear horned-rimmed glasses, you look smarter.

Appearances do matter.

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