The Rise of Immigration

The rise of immigrants in Singapore has provoked many Singaporeans into thinking we're being "invaded". The same may be said about many developed countries that feel that they're somehow superior, and that immigrants steal resources from their homeland. However, immigrants are not the only beneficiaries of their immigration: the host country itself stands to benefit.... Continue Reading →

Long Faces

Though he looked Chinese and spoke somewhat like a Singaporean, he wasn't from around here. He had been, in fact, living in Australia most his life. "You know," he told me, "I realised that the people here on the MRT all look so glum. I mean, that's their problem? What I don't understand, is why... Continue Reading →

Friends in PHP

// Can I can be your friend too? Class Friend { if ($joke) laugh("Jeez, you're funny!"); elseif ($laugh) smile("I'm glad you enjoyed it"); elseif ($cry) comfort("Things will get better"); elseif ($lonely) hang_out("You wanna go anywhere today?"); elseif ($angry) calm(); else offer_chocolate("Want some chocolate?"); } // And so I guess we're friends now? Real_Friend extends Friend... Continue Reading →


I found this very interesting website called Exactitudes by chance while browsing through a book called Web Design: Portfolios (Icons S.). From the book: Visualises the complex relationship between the individuality and the collectivity: the apparent contradiction of wanting to stand out from the others and be unique by assuming a group identity. Images from... Continue Reading →

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