No such thing as privacy in the digital age?

I just read this post on how privacy and the digital age are incompatible, and in the most part I find myself agreeing with the author than not.

Throughout my digital life I’ve found my perception of the importance of privacy swinging wildly between the extremes, sometimes being paranoid about what data I give away about myself while being extremely cavalier at others.

Lately though, I’ve been finding that when it comes to privacy one’s pretty much out at sea when dealing especially with digital media — it’s such a hard and confusing fight that sometimes you just have to wonder if it’s all worth it.

Is privacy really all that important? Or is it only important if you’ve got something to hide?


I just finished watching the Chinese movie Aftershock with the wife-to-be. It’s deliciously sob-worthy (I did drop a tear or two in parts), and was overall quite an enjoyable show.

The only pity is that this story had the potential to be so much sadder. The family-orientation(?) probably meant that the show was to be toned down a wee bit, ending on a positive-neutral note.

What If I Actually Wrote Great Content?

I was just looking through my website statistics, and noticed that two webpages made up more than 80% of my website traffic: Moon Represents My Heart by Teresa Teng and What is Dry Humour?. Although these two posts are as different as night and day, they are similar in one important aspect: they are useful and informative. Just imagine if every post I wrote was like that, I think that’d be pretty neat!

Saucony Singapore Passion Run

Update: My Saucony Passion Run: I have run the run! Read all about it here!

I thought I might highlight to all runners (or otherwise) out there that the Singapore PAssion run is coming up on the 24th of May. My sis had actually brought this up to my attention, and I figured that if she was interested in this run you might be too. There will be two competitive and non-competitive race distances, 10km and 15km, plus a 5km fun run.

Saucony 100PLUS Singapore PAssion Run: 24th May, 2009. See you there!
Saucony 100PLUS Singapore PAssion Run: 24th May, 2009. See you there!

If you’re interested, head down to the PAssion Run website to register. Until the 31st of March, there will be an early bird discount of $6 so register early! Registration entitles you to a Goody bag supposedly worth $80.

I signed up for the 15km competitive run. It’ll be fun. See you there.

PS: If you noticed, the boy’s feet in the picture look awfully awkward. Is his right foot not facing away from his apparent direction of run?