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I just found out about Coursera last week. Yes, I know, I’m late to the party! If you’re late like me, here’s what’s Coursera about (taken from their About page): We are a social entrepreneurship company that partners with the top universities in the world to offer courses online for […]

On Reading

I am a voracious reader — I read anywhere and everywhere: on the toilet or on the bus; at home or at the office; at the library or at fiancee’s home; while watching television or exercising. I like to think that I’m always learning something new, something to apply to […]

Grade Inflation in University?

I came across an article by Walter E. Williams, an economics professor from George Mason University, discussing how grades in American Universities have been going up, causing “grade inflation”. For example, a “C” grade, he says, should be taken to mean an “F”. Though I do have an intuitive belief […]

Writing for Writing

I’ve long had this perception that writing a journal or having a blog that you regularly write to will help improve your English or use of language. Though I think that that theory does hold true to a certain extent, I’ve seen much evidence to the contrary that pushed me […]

The Little that We Know

Last Thursday I attended a communications unit tutorial, and was really surprised (shocked, really) by the discussion that day. The students and facilitator (aka. the tutor) displayed such depth and scope in thought on that week’s material (on digital and analogue modes of communication; largely philosophical stuff) that I could […]