Rediscovering the Joy of Running

Taking the unfamiliar route today, I felt a familiar tingling feeling on my skin: goosebumps! Whenever goosebumps appear on my runs, they are almost always accompanied by a surge in energy and enthusiasm, and this time it was no different. I picked up my pace and ran like I hadn’t run in ages: I had a spring in my step, and it felt good… really good.

This feeling took me by surprise as I hadn’t felt it in such a long time in any of my training runs. For the past few years, training runs have always been a chore; I often felt lethargic, sleepy even. I had carried out casual investigations into its cause (I used to love running, why don’t I now?) I thought it might have been because of the food I was eating; the time I was running (night vs. day); or perhaps the shoes I was wearing. I experimented eating different foods; running at different times; and changing my shoes; but nothing worked. I resigned myself to my new, lethargic, running fate.

Then came the goosebumps. This is it, I thought to myself. The reason why I was feeling lethargic all of this time, was due to the damn same old running route I kept using!

By breaking up my routine, running starting becoming fun again. I actually enjoyed my run for the first time in ages.

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