Competitive Intelligence/Analysis

It’s strange how today’s the first day I realise how closely related competitive intelligence is to so much of what I’ve been doing and thinking and writing about in the fields of data analysis *slash* business analysis *slash *  business intelligence *slash* data science etc.

This discipline even has a professional society of  called, aptly enough, Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals, something I quite serendipitously discovered after picking up a book in the library published by them and was feeling curious as to what or who they were).

It’s interesting to figure out how competitive intelligence/analysis fits into the business intelligence umbrella (or how it falls outside of it for that matter), but certainly warrants a look at for anyone interested in leveraging business knowledge/information.

Happy 2012 everyone!

It’s the first day of 2012, and what better excuse to set your goals, resolutions, and plans than today?

So what will you be up to this year?

  • Who do you hope to become?
  • What do you hope to achieve?
  • And, how do you expect to become who you want to be, or achieve what you want to do?

Personally, I’m just hoping to become a better person. Better how, and how I hope to do this, however, is still pending deeper thought — silent nights and mornings mulling over what life means. Something I hope to settle within the next week, and which is to be revised throughout the year and beyond.

Happy 2012 to you and your loved ones; may it be the greatest year yet.

No such thing as privacy in the digital age?

I just read this post on how privacy and the digital age are incompatible, and in the most part I find myself agreeing with the author than not.

Throughout my digital life I’ve found my perception of the importance of privacy swinging wildly between the extremes, sometimes being paranoid about what data I give away about myself while being extremely cavalier at others.

Lately though, I’ve been finding that when it comes to privacy one’s pretty much out at sea when dealing especially with digital media — it’s such a hard and confusing fight that sometimes you just have to wonder if it’s all worth it.

Is privacy really all that important? Or is it only important if you’ve got something to hide?


I just finished watching the Chinese movie Aftershock with the wife-to-be. It’s deliciously sob-worthy (I did drop a tear or two in parts), and was overall quite an enjoyable show.

The only pity is that this story had the potential to be so much sadder. The family-orientation(?) probably meant that the show was to be toned down a wee bit, ending on a positive-neutral note.