One problem with success

One problem with success is that if you get too much of it before you’re ready, you’ll never dare to try again. Having enjoyed the glory of success, it doesn’t make sense to negate that glory through a subsequent attempt that might end with failure.


Think. Wisely.

From John Locke:

To think often and never to retain it so much as one moment is a very useless sort of thinking; and the soul in such a state of thinking does very little if at all excel that of a looking-glass, which constantly receives variety of images or ideas but retains none; they disappear and vanish and there remain on foosteps of them; the looking-glass is never the better for such ideas, nor the soul for such thoughts.

I am, I must admit, often guilty of this. Thinking many thoughts; and losing most of them.

The Pig

There was once a pig who met a hungry wolf. Though he tried to run away, it was too late for him. The pig was hungrier.

Exam Timetable is Out

Well, well, the exam timetable is out and I must say, I’m pretty happy with it. All my exams are on the first week, leaving me free during the second week to go around disturbing all those still taking their exams!