What’s Next?

“What’s next?”

That’s a question I find myself asking increasingly frequently these days. A question that is more often than not left to evaporate into the void without a hint of an answer lurking anywhere.

Haven’t felt this aimless since… Never.

That’s right: I’ve never felt this aimless.

I used to have these feelings of hopelessness and aimlessness, but nothing that lasted this long. I always had a plan. A plan to do something. Anything.

And these plans were for the next year or two, sometimes five. Ten even.

Dreams I had: be a millionaire at age thirty; be married (happily) with kids; live in a cottage in the countryside; play soccer professionally; qualify for Boston (the marathon). Dreams that used to excite me. Dreams that made each day easier to pass.

Back in primary school, I longed to grow up. I wanted to earn a wage; to make money; to have the freedom to spend freely. I wanted to have sex. I wanted to be taken seriously; to be respected. How I wished to be 26!

26… 26! That’s two f*cking years ago, friend.

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My name is Donn, and you’ll find me working at the intersection of business and information technology, constantly looking for ways to apply IT to business and life to make things better. I’m a big fan of data analysis and its subsequent communication. It always gives me a thrill extracting meaning out of data through analysis, and figuring out the best way to present the findings for maximum impact!

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