Why I don’t speed

Today while I was driving home from the fiancée’s, I was overtaken by a Kia Picanto. For those who do not know, the Kia Picanto is a relatively small car, and one that generally doesn’t (cannot, and is not recommended to) go very fast.

I had half the mind to increase my speed, which was a not-so-slow 90-100 km/h. But then I thought better about it and decided not to, and I let the Kia zoom ahead of me and into the night.

Then I started thinking about why I didn’t try to catch up when I certainly had a pretty strong inclination too (perhaps due to my occasionally pretty competitive nature). Then I realised that it was because I was already travelling at what is touted to be the most efficient speed for most cars — 90 km/h, and that going faster (or slower) than this speed would be less efficient and fuel-wasting.

And so that’s why I don’t speed.

I couldn’t help thinking how lame this was… was it really true?

When I got back, I called the fiancée and told her I sped home at 140 km/h. Pretty much the first thing she replied me was an unbelieving “yeah right”, which was followed closely by a “you wouldn’t do that — you’ll won’t want to waste fuel”.

And that’s when I realised that yes, yes it was; it really is true that I don’t speed because of that.

And that just got me thinking: what would I do if I wasn’t shackled down by a lack of resources (finances, really) and an inherent desire not to waste?

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