Duality of Light and Reality

I’ve always been quite interested in physics, especially quantum physics. And within quantum physics, the duality (two forms) of light has been of particular interest. If you did not know, light travels in two ways, as waves, and as particles.

How can light be both a wave as well as a particle? Fantastic isn’t it?

And it gets even more interesting. When does light travel as a wave, and when does it travel as a particle? Well, whenever you want it to.

In experiments done to detect light as a particle, light appears as a particle. In experiments done to detect light as a wave, light appears as a wave. So, light is what you make it out to be.

If you’re interested, you can do a search on this phenomon, called the duality of light. You can also read this article: Wave-Particle Duality of Light for more insight into this.

Animals on Tape

Since young, I’ve always wondered if the animals I watched on Earthvisions were acting — honest, I did! I’ve had a particular interest in whether these animals behaved the same way on camera as they did off it. When being watched, do these animals somehow behave differently?

I used to believe that they did… and I still do! The idea that animals reserve all their percularities for when they’re alone really appeals to me; when they instinctively sense “watchers” nearby, they change their behaviour a little.

Of course, I don’t have proof — it’s a catch-22 — getting proof would mean my theory is wrong, for I have to watch them first to get it.

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